Game play

As with all sports, the rules are extensive and detailed so here is an overview that will help you to get started

Playing time

The game is divided into four twenty-minute quarters. When the game is paused, if the ball is out of play or an injured player is being removed from the ground, the clock is stopped. As a result quarters can run over thirty minutes.

Ball up!

The game begins when the umpire bouncers the ball in the centre of the ground. The ruckman then attempt to jump and tap the ball down to a teammate.

A player can receive the ball via a hand pass, kick or by picking up off the ground.

When a player has the ball in their possession they must touch the ball on the ground at least every 15 metres, usually by bouncing whilst running.

A disposal, or pass, is via kicking or hand passing. A hand pass must be completed by punching one end of the ball. Throwing the ball will result in a free kick to the opposition. If a player kicks the ball and it is caught without hitting the ground, this is known as a mark and allows the player who caught the ball to have a free kick from the position where they caught the ball.

When the ball crosses the boundary line, it is thrown back in by the umpires.

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