At each end of the ground there are four posts. The outer two are shorter than the middle two. When a ball is kicked directly between the two taller posts that teams is awarded a goal worth 6 points. If the ball is kicked through the small posts on either side a single point is awarded.

If the ball is touched by an opposing player before going through the goal posts, it is only worth a point. The ball must be kicked for a goal however if a player pushes or punches the ball through by hand it will be awarded a point. To get the ball out of play an opposition player can kick through their opponents goal, known as a rushed behind.

afl goal

Scores are displayed as number of goals.number of points. Final score = Goals X 6 + Number of points
Eg. Home 12.9 (81) Away 9.12 (66)

Once a goal has been awarded, the ball is brought back to the centre. When a point is scored, the side that conceded the point will take position of the ball and kick it back into play from the goal line.


When attempting a goal and a player hits either of the large goal posts, a point is awarded. If the point (smaller) post is hit, this is out of bounds on the full.

afl scoreboard